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April 28th, 2011, 22:54
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
I'd just like to say thank you to those who responded.

Gorath - It turns out that my fiancee has a bunch of co-workers who love Ticket to Ride. When I went to a local shop, though, they didn't have it in stock (they specialize in card games and Warhammer more than board games though). Certainly a game I'll look out for in the future.
Amazon should always have it in stock.

Alrik - Thank you for the very helpful link to the spiel des jahres. That certainly presented many good options. I didn't realize, but it seems that based on these German board games awards and 2/3 of the responses to my question here that board games are quite popular in Germany. I wonder why this is so.
a) Tradition. Long, cold winter nights and no other entertainment for the kids before ca. 1960.
b) Business. German inventors are good at inventing such stuff. Selling the stuff then came naturally. The most well known games are available in every bigger supermarket.
c) Toy fares. The world's biggest toy fare takes place in Nuremberg/Germany each year. Other big fares for the general public are also happening, especially the Essen Spiel fare.
d) Toys are newsworthy. The Spiel des Jahres Award and the opening/closing of the mentioned fares ar prime time news. On a slow day maybe even the top news.
(The situation is nearly inverse for computer and video games. They are still not accepted by the public.)

A quite entertaining podcast with a Days of Wonder VP can be found at Gaming Steve. He explains what was going at the Spiel des Jahres Awards and how important this award was for them. Shot summary: sales for Ticket to Ride exploded within minutes. Suddenly all the doors they desparately tried to get through were wide open.

Actually all people who answered in this thread are from Germany, with one exception living in the NL.

Anyway, I ended up getting a game called Dominion, which was a spiel des jahres winner in 2009. Although it's technically a card game, it apparently plays kind of like a board game, and not anything like Magic, for example. Its online reviews seem overwhelmingly positive and the two employees at the local shop I went to both recommended it as well. I'll probably play it tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully it's fun.
Keep us updated.
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