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Default Struggling with G2:NoTR

April 29th, 2011, 10:39
Well, after hearing many good things about NoTR, I picked it up on Steam… I did find it harder than G2, but in the earlier stages of the game I coped OK. Unfortunately, since Chapter 3 opened, almost every creature I run into has very significant magic resistances/immunities, which kind of sucks if that's where you've put your LPs. I have gained access to 3rd circle, but the spells I have seem to be pretty ineffective - I do have some points (32%) in staff fighting - which I quite like. Of course, that's very low by fighter standards, but it's all I could afford given my need for other skills/spells etc.

So, am I missing some vital 3rd circle spell, or all they all crap? I gather I won't get access to 4th circle until the next chapter. I really find seekers tough since they have pretty high magic resistance (as expected). I was able to take out a few by using a summon demon scroll and darting behind a tree ;-) But those are not cheap The lack of a quick potion has also screwed me over many times, so I have now used the INI tweal I saw here yesterday. Much, much better!
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