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April 30th, 2011, 08:02
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Mainstream and casual are not the same thing. I'd say that consoles easily have more mainstream games in general.
Again, older console generations had very hard games with strict penalties. Mainstreaming games to make them easier, more streamlined and more fun for more casual players has happened to all platforms as gaming expands to larger audiences. Compare an old game like Castlevania to something like God of War… very streamlined. Equally on the PC there is streamlining, even on exclusives like Supreme Commander 2, Civ5, WoW and even in the indie space if some comments on Avadon are correct.

For every RPG gamer on this site lamenting the streamlining of RPGs there is a console gamer somewhere lamenting how simple their games have gotten as well. It's a universal problem. I've been a PC only gamer for 20 years but I grow tired of this constant need to look at consoles as the enemy… the enemy is the changing games industry.
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