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April 30th, 2011, 12:52
So much hype. Too much overreaching to be credible. Nearing perfection when it comes to the false moral dilemna.

Games at their current state can not approach the burden associated with such decisions. Going in one way or another is a life changer. They are choices that insiduously change the life of people who opt for them. Impossible at the current stage of video games to represent.

So you get that false moral dilemna paradigm, with no/flimsy strings attached to them, inflated in their content as both sides are extremistic in their stance and depending on the moral agenda one supports, the government or its opponents are either black or white, they are not grey. If one thinks that the primary duty of a government is to protect its citizens, then the government is white. If you think that the government first duty is to provide an equal approach through law, then it is black. Works the same for the opponents.

No grays, no nuances, no compromizes. Things are defined as polar opposites and thus easily weighted.

This, of course, if the game works as the report says it works.
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