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April 30th, 2011, 17:13
Thanks guys.

Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
One question, I saw in the video some social skills. How relevant are those going to be? Like in Bloodlines they had a few social skills and they were great in the beginning, but became almost useless towards the end of the game.
Originally there were more social skills, but I merged some of them together as I didn't want the character to have to over-invest in them, because they are the only skills that have no direct impact in combat (even though they can affect the terms of engagement) and the dialog trees will be more manageable this way.

Regarding how useful they will be. My design philosophy for every skill is that, ideally, it should provide you with alternative ways of reaching the same goals in as many situations as it makes sense, and also provide you with some exclusive stuff (like a couple of interesting quest branchings you can only achieve by using persuasion).

Originally Posted by Lurking Grue
Also, care to tell us why you chose to use real-time combat in the game (instead of turn-based, like in Fallout 1-2)?
This comes up so often that I'll probably end up writing a dev log post with the long answer about this once I get more content in the game and it becomes more apparent, but here's a short version.

I personally enjoy all types of perspectives and mechanics in RPG games. When you take a look at what games I mentioned as being the inspiration for Timelapse Vertigo, you'll notice that they have very varied gameplay. So I'm not biased in that regard.

The idea in TLV is that actions, both combat and environmental, should happen simultaneously and that timing should be key. Here's an example combat wise that I wrote a while back on another forum, answering to the same question:

Originally Posted by Styg
The main reason I decided to go RT is because I want things to happen simultaneously and I wanted characters to have to react to multiple events on the flight.

For example, you have to interrupt your enemy's psi invocation, but you still have to worry about turning on your shield emitter in time to avoid taking high damage from a grenade impact; or maybe you can avoid it, but you are rooted in place and have to break free first.

While this sort of stuff can arguably be implement in TB as well, I find it functioning much more fluidly in RT.

The pause is there to emphasize tactical aspect as opposed to who can click faster and more precisely (it's sometimes hard to invoke a character-targeted ability if your target is moving very fast).
As to what it actually means environment wise I'll talk in a future dev log once I got more things to showcase it with.
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