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April 30th, 2011, 19:32
He may not have understood how the combat works, but this doesn't change the fact that it is still by far the worst combat of any action RPG.

He is right on several other important points:
"This action-RPG certainly tries to give the people what they want. But then, so does a pop band formed by the votes of a reality TV show audience."
This is one of my main issues with TW1. There is just too much pandering going on. This is to be expected of a license game of course; however, since Geralt is portrayed very differently than he is in the books, this whole book to game transition seems superfluous.

"[a] charisma-free lead character. "

"Unfortunately, most of these [quests] involving running a very long way to get there, and then a very long way back again afterwards. Running is boring, especially when there's not even a jump button to help you shortcut over the omnipresent tiny fences. "

"[The combat mechanic] feels entirely disconnected from all the heroic chopping, stabbing and pirouetting Albino Viggo is busy doing on-screen."
If you cannot see how this cuts straight to the truth, you are in severe denial.
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