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April 30th, 2011, 23:13
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Why do people insist on posting their opinions as facts.
I usually defend these things, "of course it's my opinion I wrote it," but he really did present that way too much as a fact.

I liked The Witcher's combat. I consider it to be much better than many other action RPG games' combat, for example Divinity 2 or any Diablo style game. That's my opinion and it's as valid as any other.

And yeah, Alec Meer really missed the point of the original in quite a lot of ways. Some of his complaints are valid and I do think The Witcher was very flawed, but Meer has a political agenda when it comes to the women in the game and he also seems to be on a quest to knock the game for not being as streamlined as Oblivion, which arguably is a benefit and not a negative. His preview is thus kind of odd, but since every preview speaks highly of the game I'm not stressing it too much.
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