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May 1st, 2011, 16:36
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
Which would be fine with me personally because isometric = lame, boring, predictable, simplistic point-and-click gameplay which bores me to tears and should only be allowed -BY LAW!!! - to be included in party-based games while 3D 3rd person or 1st person = fun, engaging, exciting, challenging, you-name-it .
Lol, for clarify it that's just a huge Troll.

There's one simple reason that isometric point of view (possibly with 3D) has the potential of being deeper, it's because with a first person or over the shoulder point of view you have a basic view of the situation, you don't see further than your nose ie than the next wall. This approach put the player in a minimal knowledge to analyze, identify, see patterns, build a tactic and more, ie the player is put in soldier shoes.

At reverse the isometric approach put the player in the General chair, with many elements to analyze and just another level of information to understand and use in input for taking any decision from progression, to puzzles, secrets and fights.

What you think is the smarter? The general or the soldier? Ha well in those demagogic times I suppose many won't care and will only want be the soldier, and will think the soldier is smarter than his corrupted elite leaders.
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