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May 2nd, 2011, 01:28
Harbinger of Madness: Review

I took Mirys into a solo run of the new pack today. Overall, this is a fun, slightly creepy pack with a unique boss fight at the end. Monsters are largely Xoriat reavers, hounds, and critters called the Taken, as well as some humans and mindflayers.

Loot - Good to great. Several notable items are the Insanity Greatsword (2d10 base damage, chance to give -2 AC on a hit, chance to drive enemies wild on a vorpal), Tharak(sp?) Bracers, which give Toughness (good for those who do not have toughness from minos), DR3/lawful, and Dodge +2 bonus to AC (Dodge bonuses stack with each other, as long as they don't have the same bonus amount. So a +1 and a +2 will stack, but not two +1s. This is about the only thing in DDO that does this). The Bow of Sinew crits on a 19-20, which stacks with Improved Critical (hint hint Jo), fires 10% faster, and has an x3 multiplier with a chance to bump it up to x4 on some shots.

XP - Unsure, since Mirys was 4 levels above normal, the xp wasn't all that great. But it's probably fairly good for the level range. Optionals' xp was rather poor, but that may be a function of her level as well.

Difficulty - Easy. I soloed the first part in under 15 mins on the second run, including stopping to check the radar every so often.

Mirys is currently 12k from level 20.
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