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May 2nd, 2011, 04:00
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
That is not true. Just about all of the games that many consider as the classic hardcore RPGs of the 1990s offered a 1st person perspective (Might & Magic series, Wizardry series, Realms of Arkania series, the early Elder Scrolls games, Betrayal at Krondor etc.).
Lol I believed from some snapshots that Realms of Arkania series was iso that's why when looking at the top ten you post I conclude you was trolling.

The first point is you need remove Realms of Arkania series from your list if you dislike Iso or even just want show Iso cannot means good RPG. The second point is as you quote your preferences as a proof, I could counter argue that I have myself a poor opinion of the few Wizardry I tried, and first 3 Might & Magic, all Elder Scroll but in part Morrowind.

But the real point is with your history rewriting you forget a little fast (just a selection not my selection):
  • Ultima series,
  • Albion,
  • Darklands,
  • Wasteland,
  • The Magic Candle,
  • The Dark Heart Of Uukrul,
  • Dark Sun series,
  • Final Fantasy series,
  • Chrono Trigger,
  • Fallout 1
  • Fallout 2,
  • Blood Omen - Legacy Of Kain
  • Baldur's Gate 1,
  • Baldur's Gate 2,
  • Planescape: Torment,
  • Arcanum,
  • Divine Divinity,
  • Avernum 1,
  • Avadon,
  • All golden box RPG used iso for the fights (well ok as far I know).

Lol it's a little big to ignore this list to rewrite the real RPG history. You really want face it a list of first person RPG?

Just play Avadon or any Roguelike to get an evidence of the depth of a larger point view at opposition to close point of view for action.
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