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May 2nd, 2011, 06:01
I've been spending some quality time with crafting. So far, it's taking a ton of grinding to make any progress, although Phuury and Wouldii are getting better at it. Eventually, it could be very good for putting the proper enchantments on the items you want them on, but only for myself since DDO has disabled unbound crafting, meaning having a "designated craftsman" in the guild is worthless right now. I'm still going to work at it--presumably DDO will turn unbound crafting back on at some point in the future and then I'll be everyone's best friend.

There's new value on low level "misc" items (not weapons, not shields, and not armor) since those can't be purchased at any shops. So if you do those low-level favor runs, save yer junk. I'll buy most of it from y'all, and what I won't/can't take you can actually auction for better money than you'd think. Not gonna get rich, but you can get 500-1000pp for worthless crap now, as long as it isn't named specials.
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