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May 3rd, 2011, 10:49
Normal is the new Casual it seems (probably not to upset the more casual new generation
of players with having to die/reload to often).

Hard is the lowest you should go with Avadon imho (and that may seem too easy to some
too). Mike Anderson noted something on that front in his review.

Seriously I have stopped using anything below Hard in RPGs the last few years (and with
the Notable exception of Stalker which I also play on veteran I don't play anything else
these days).

Thats not because I am hardcore or old-school or any of that, but because I honestly
believe that developers gear game balance to easier levels to pander to younger audiences.

Said audiences can then set the difficulty to hard (i.e. normal) and bask in the feeling
of how Hardcore they are

I haven't found any recent game that breaks the mold but admittedly I only buy 3-5 games
per year these days.

I'd rather not start another round by citing a well known example again here, but most recent AAA RPGs are quite frankly boring and unbalanced on normal (too many
convenient friendly and some times immersion breaking allowances for the player).
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