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May 3rd, 2011, 14:36
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
As I said in the indie thread the game is surprisingly extremely bland if you ask me. Maybe that's just the demo area though, I can't really say, but it put me off buying it right away.

I'll see if there is some video of later sections. Right now though I am wondering why he made something so common that I could get so many other places with better production values.
I can't argue that the demo area is dull but party-based CRPGs - especially turnbased ones - are most definitely not common. I'm pretty sure I'm across every cRPG "with better production values", so where are you finding all these better options?

[Side note: I maintain it gets better, but I'm not asking you to accept that]

Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
Not just the demo, in my opinion. The difficulty remains way too low. I'm playing it at insane right now and it's still a snooze-fest. It does get more interesting, but the difficulty doesn't start spiking until way, way into the game.

Definitely not one of Jeff's best. Review later.
Agreed it's not his best but I thought "hard" offered a decent challenge, "trash" monsters aside which he clearly intends to be just that. Interesting that you are clearly so far ahead of me on the difficulty curve. I also thought the encounter design (again, trash mobs aside) was quite creative, though I agree it takes a while to get going.

Originally Posted by rune_74 View Post
I'm not sure who thought the graphics were way better…they reuse a lot of the avernum graphics.
They are unquestionably better, taken as a whole. The underlying tech is essentially the same (I've been saying for a long time that A6 looks better than people give credit) and item icons are reused but all the background tiles are new and much, much better. The interface and portrait art are much better and the whole thing has a more consistent artistic feel. I'm a bit perplexed that you seem to like indies but you don't see this.
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