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May 4th, 2011, 22:12
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
I'm not sure I get this remark. Avadon attempts very blatantly to emulate stuff BioWare does, only BioWare does it with better production values. It doesn't succeed as well as Geneforge and Avernum at filling a specific niche.
It was time someone implement rather deep companions other than Bioware or Obsidian taking a Bioware crown in a series.

Apart that I don't see where is your Bioware stuff:
  • Winning about DA2 an action RPG is irrelevant here.
  • Winning about map reuse like in DA2 and ME1 is irrelevant here.
  • Whining about companions being dead puppets and joke machines out of camp like in DAO, irrelevant here.
  • Whining about linear dungeons and small maps like in most Bioware games, irrelevant here.
  • whining about bland exploration with no stuff to discover in Bioware games, irrelevant here, I don't think a RPG have more good secrets to discover, perhaps some Avernum. There's also multiple tricks but I admit not many are difficult, but it's not Bioware stuff, now Bioware skip that point almost entirely.

So what, because there's 4 classes, specializations, and codex? Lol it's winks:
  • Jeff is using Codex since a long time and just copied the name and giving xp. There's nothing wrong nor major in doing it.
  • Ok only four classes remind the 3 classes of DA, and specialization remind something. But that's just words the mechanism of classes and specializations are hugely different than in DA. And specialization general idea isn't even a Bioware invention, there's at least Dungeon Lords that did it a long time before, and probably more other older RPG. For example AD&D did it even if in a strange way.
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