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May 5th, 2011, 22:36
I never played the demo but learned it stops during the first main big official mission. You already have a good overview of the game at this point. But myself at this point it hadn't grow on me at full strength. It's during the second main big mission I got fully in love with the game. The game is really slow to grow in interest, it's just solid stuff and becomes more interesting as it progress, but it's slow. This is a sort of design failure, beginning of anything should grab you badly.

But the demo design is a huge error, it should have include something like first main big mission and half of second main big mission. Some players would never reach the game up to this point but at least, in my opinion, this would have let the chance to other players to see the game in a state more closer to its real potential of interest and fun.

My 2 cents for those not satisfied by the demo:
  • So if you are close to your money or want avoid support such game if you don't find it very good, then find a way, borrow it to a friend, tell your sister it's a hidden Sim, threaten your young brother if he doesn't buy it, hypnotize your grand mother to make her buy you the game, find a way so you could play the game up to second big main mission.
  • Don't use a too high resolution, with a lower resolution the game looks better and much better than Avernum at similar low resolution. It's important so you could see more details like secrets and identify stuff more easily, but also I think it's better for the mood.
  • On start or right after first dungeon, set difficulty to Hard. It's another design error, Hard is in fact Normal difficulty.
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