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May 6th, 2011, 14:57
What we're doing in Risen 2 is mix it all up: the dungeons will not be at the end of the game but at several points in the game.
Cool. Risenīs uneven (s)pacing was its biggest problem in my book and this is pretty much the way I wanted it to be addressed in the sequel (as opposed to, say, just pulling dungeons out altogether).

We've split the world into several islands and coastal regions, so you still have an open world, which you can explore freely, but we can force the player to solve some missions before we allow him to travel to another island.
Sounds pretty much like G2: NotR.

It's very hard to do the balancing bit without auto-magic strength-levelling of creatures - we didn't want to do that.
Good .

Anyway, canīt wait.
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