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May 6th, 2011, 17:09
As Iīve mentioned already somewhere, I like the trees.
Thematically fitting, not filled with miniscule increments or outrageous abilities.
The alchemy tree seems to be going well hand in hand with how drinking potions works in the game.
Each specialization seems viable and, also adding mutagens to the mix, I think Iīll have fun trying to come up with the most effective jack of all trades build.
Hopefully on hard the game will be hard this time.

Also, if I understand it correctly, Geralt is able to cast basic versions of each sign right from the start and thatīs good, the first game imo didnīt go well about this - by the time player was able to learn all the signs, he has most likely invested into the first two available (aard, igni) and since these were also the most useful ones, there was little incentive to invest into others.
Iīm also glad the bronze/silver/gold talent mechanics is no longer present as it made character development in the first game waaay too straightforward.

I wonder how social skills fit into this. Are they tied to some of the existing skills or?

All in all, the system seems good to me, hopefully itīll "perform" well in-game.
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