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May 6th, 2011, 22:43
Ironically enough "deregulation" is exactly what hit american economy harder.
And not just the american one.
When you build a house of cards, it's not the fault of the jolt that it collapses.

Anyway - yeah, rock and hard place situation for JoWood. They may have made the only decision they could. But the real problem is - as said above - short-term versus long-term. If you can't survive in the short-term, the long-term doesn't matter. But those decisions of expediency will hurt you in the long run. The market - your audience - remembers.

I remember reading something by the producer of Ultima 8. He made a lot of compromises to keep his bosses (who were then EA) happy, and felt he'd done well by shipping on time. In retrospect, he said he learned that "A late game is only late until it ships. But a bad game is bad forever."
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