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May 6th, 2011, 23:09
Originally Posted by elikal View Post
Indeed. What people don't get is that there is good and bad capitalism. The good old fashioned one was based on production, innovation and creativity. Today more and more it is about speculation, money making money and the products are just by-products of profit. Such a thing can in the long run only be doomed. Just my 5 cents.
The problem, and I say this as an evil banker myself, is the financialization of the economies of the West. Banks and Investment Banks used to be funding sources for capitalism, now they have essentially become producers (though in reality we produce no real product). It's a problem.

The past had such intelligent enterpeneurs like Henry Ford, who saw that there was need for a balance between the income of his workers and the price of his cars, so they could afford the cars they produced. These days, such complex insights are forgotten and shareholders want money no matter the long term cost.
Umm, you might want to look into Ford a bit more. He was not a very nice guy. He basically had his own private army and he used it against striking workers on more than one occasion, with several deaths resulting.

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