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May 7th, 2011, 00:41
Since nearly all the games are being made with the consoles in mind first, the only Directx 11 features we see in those games are some few special effects here and there. Current generation of consoles consists of Directx 9 hardware with some tweaks. I think we can't see a fully Directx11 game until this generation of consoles died out completely. And this seems unlikely in the near future, because there're no plans for new consoles right now from both Microsoft and Sony (building a new console is pretty expensive and hard as you may know).

But another question can be if these Directx 11 graphics really necessary? I think with the right artists, Directx 9 is still more than capable of bringing awesome graphics to players. I don't think Directx 11 is so necessary. While I don't like games are being designed according to the consoles (from other reasons than graphics), there's one advantage of this. We don't need to upgrade our systems in every six months now, I still play new games in high quality with my nearly 2 years old system.
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