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May 7th, 2011, 07:31
Well, I've learned one very important lesson in this game - don't do more than a couple of quests in parallel. In the first chapter I just grabbed every quest I could. As I went from area to area, I advanced every quest in the area. Terrible. I couldn't keep the stories straight at all. (Names stick to me like a greased pig, which didn't help.) Huh? What's that little boy doing here? I guess I'm supposed to be rescuing him?

Get a couple of quests and do them. When they are done, go hunting a couple more. It's been working MUCH better for me going through chapter 2.

I've been able to stick with hard difficulty for all my battles except for the last one in chapter 1. Like others have noted before, there's a wide gap between normal and hard. I went from "I'll never get this thing to half health" to "didn't even need a potion". Thank goodness we can change difficulty on the fly but they really could use a 'challenging' difficulty between normal and hard.
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