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May 7th, 2011, 09:03
no there are tons of game that can be bought in boxed editions but require steam to play. the total war games have been probably the most obvious one for close to five years now. obsidian seems to jumping on that boat to, but if that keeps them alive and kicking i'm all for it. its actually kind of funny though because gamersgate and direct2drive have for a while now offered great deals on pre-orders of these steam required games which means you actually get it somewhere cheaper besides steam and then end up using steam anyhow. that's good for the us the consumer though i think?

i am going to force myself to get the gamestop boxed augmented version though. i cashed out my discovercard rewards for like the last five years and got 2 $50 gift cards. was going to use that for the witcher collector's but gamestop rarely makes in-store-pickup available for pc games so i went with amazon's reliable game day release shipping, which was a nominal $2 or something…though when you're spending $150
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