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May 7th, 2011, 09:10
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
This is because everyone is so much shareholder-oriented.

I read not too long ago that this is a relatively new movement.

Decades ago, companies (and their bosses) just weren't so much shareholder-oriented.

The thought-model / the philosophy to be FORCED to give the shareholders their revenues AS FAST AS POSSIBLE is relatively new.

Decades ago, I read, the philosophy was rather to build up a healthy company, and not to look at shareholders like a rabbit looks at a serpent.
So to say.
Non sense. The philosophy is not new. Some of the people who try to sell it as new are people who dont want to admit that it is nothing new for various reasons.

It is quite simple: fast a few decades ago was slower than fast is today. But being forced to give the shareholders their revenues as fast as possible is nothing new. Check the history of trade lines, sea trade lines for example and how shareholders looked for shorter ways to get their money back faster.

But indeed, there is a difference between how fast revenues can flow back in the sailing age and how fast they can in a world with the Internet.

People in the past did simply not demand as fast as today because as fast as today could not be delivered in their times.

There is no derailing, no transmutation, no changes in nature, the system works as it was intended to work. It is simply enhanced by technological progress.

Searching for the best profits (which means the largest under the shortest time) is the core of the system. Was before and still is now. No change.
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