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May 7th, 2011, 14:13
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
Eyefinity is unfortunately quite ugly with the black bars :/ looks like something from the late 90's imo. 3D could be interesting to try though.
That's what you think at first, and also that only 5% of the games supports it and it's very expensive. Well all of those things are false.

1) Bars
- It's like you'd driving a car, after five minutes you don't mind the bars between windshield and side windows. You actively follow the middle screen and the extensions increase the field of view and helps to detect things more easily. Of course static pics don't look all that fancy, but once you sit down and play the game… Just Wow!

2) Support
- Almost every new game works in Eyefinity and it was huge surprise for me. Like Gothic 2 for example works, though some games do require a mod or ini tweak to get working. support is there because most games try to already support different resolutions and aspect ratios.

3) Expenses
- Eyefinity capable VGA, I use 5850, which you need to update anyways at some point. 250
- Adapter for DisplayPort to DVI/HDMI, DP->VGA adapter costs around 40
- Extra screens. Nowdays 23" ws screens cost 150 at the cheapest a piece.
- Altogether it cost me +350 half year ago extra when upgrading my comp.

As an experience, Eyefinity felt like playing the games with graphics card at the first time. It cannot be explained how much more visual and more realistic it will make the games, you have to experienced by yourself to understand. I'll never go back for sure!

I recommend and still I haven't seen unhappy Surround gamer.

PS. Of course in RPG visuals are not that important but definitily help to get the right feeling.
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