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May 7th, 2011, 14:35
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Or the single player part could be a side option to the MU part.

Since the beginning, I've been feeling this game is strongly oriented toward MU and the video does not show quite well the level of quality one can expect from co-op.
I wouldn't know as the game is advertised as a SPARPG not a Co-Op Rpg as I stated before. If it is I will be very disappointed. I found some co-op info as follows-

All the characters work well together. Mix 'em up for endless varieties of ways to defeat the various baddies you’ll come across in DSIII.

You can revive fallen comrades, Left 4 Dead style. If you both (or all) die, you’ll be taken back to the last save point.

There are certain achievements and trophies that can only be unlocked in multiplayer mode.

While the host player makes all of the choices in conversations, there is a voting system where other players can mark what their votes for courses of action are. There are various achievements/trophies for going with/against the party.

Pressing up on the D-Pad will always help players out if they get lost, creating a breadcrumb trail to follow (can be turned off/on) so long as the quest is tracked (you can do this from the equip menu)
Some QA

Q: When playing the game on local Co-op, I have heard that the second player's character isn't saved, so all the loot that player has collected will not be saved for when he/she returns to the game to continue. Is this true? – slayer90k

A: All of the loot that the character has collected and all of the levels that they have gained are saved on the host game. All of that information is persistent and stays. Whether you jump in and jump out, it'll be there. You have impacted the story of that game and the story of that character.

Okay. Local co-op only benefits the host. Which isn't too much of a problem, since people who play on the same couch can usually coordinate their game time. How about online co-op?

Q: Will ALL players be able to save their progress and level up while playing in online co-op? Or will only one player be able to save their progress (the host) while playing in co-op?

A: The save games [for everyone] work through the host player.
Maybe this info helps as from what I read you have control even in co-op mode if you go online it only benefits you.
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