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May 7th, 2011, 22:25
I played it a tiny bit at the RPC - just the beginning.

You can chose between a male character and a female character - at least that's what I saw.

It definitively plays as a co-op game at least in the beginning (and I didn't play long at all ! - simply because using the xbox controller was nothing but a chore to me … I'm just not used to that BEEEEEP thing !)

Well, it definitively plays like a co-op game at least in the beginning - and the other part of the duo is played by the AI.

At least that's my impression.

In this respect it isn't too much indifferent from Hunted by Bethesda - wghich I played a tiny bit and quit even much earlier because of the BEEEPED controllers !!!

Both games come out for the PC as well, the people said to me.

And, by the way, I got a preorder sheet saying I coul get 5 Euros discount when I preorder Hunted.

And Dungeon Siege III preorderers get a small comic.

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