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May 8th, 2011, 10:54
I knew the 6 was involved in the release stuff.

I am also interested in this game to know if it delivers in the beat'em up department.

The video is not oriented to display the game features. Looks like a video recorded from a personal walkthrough, with no intent to be shared. The levelling up choice was among the least interesting for a third party watching the video. It makes sense for a player committed to his own game, not for a viewer willing to learn more about the game. The ability was not triggered in the video and was also redundant.

The video was enough though to exhibit cam issues and the fact that the balance tips toward co op. The game does not give the feeling your partner with another companion but only with a foil existing to flatter the player's ego.
As the video maker was new in the game, his skills are not yet impressive. Despite that, the AI foil pulls little weight compared to the player. While the AI foil kills one enemy, the player can kill two or three.

Players usually like to be the center of the game. But partnering with a AI NPC able to pull its own weight is what I expect from games.
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