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May 8th, 2011, 11:42
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Dont forget: poor graphical implementation of the enhancement capacity in the list. Much more superficial cause…
Lol, nice joke.

I'm playing Avadon, played some Avernum I wonder what RPG you played, not much that is obvious, but clearly no indie one with graphic quality bellow the current average.

That you put that at same level to a no jump no buy is saying a lot. But at some point it's not possible to argue more, if people stick think no jump no buy, there is nothing more to do against such superficiality.

But yeah I still haven't read last two long posts of this thread. Explanation: I'm trying the apply the CA technicals, comment posts I don't read, soon I'll reach next grade level to comment games I haven't played.
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