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May 8th, 2011, 22:22
Peter Stauffenberg the paladin has just true reincarnated into a new paladin. He will change from a THF to a TWF because it works better when he's a Knight of the Chalice. Main reason is that you can't create a +5 holy weapon with falchion and must use greatsword. That's sword is not good when it comes to criticals. I will go for a dual khopesh and khopesh is one of the best crit weapons in the game.

My plan is to play him through Korthos so he can be used in the harbor with the rest of you.

My cleric Peter Policus will TR into a Favored Soul once I get a build I'm happy with. Since FvS got a prestige class in update 9 it means I would like the DDO character planner to support that before TR'ing.

I guess Don, Jo and me will TR toons. I will have a favored soul for healing and paladin for dps. Jo has a bard (level 3 already). Don was speaking about getting a wizard for Rachail or Aerie when one of them TR.

I'm not sure what the other guildies want, but I propose that you keep one toon at level 20 so we can play high level stuff. It's also good to have a high level one that can get platinum and items that can be sent to the low level ones.
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