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May 9th, 2011, 04:17
Lesser Heart - Do a Lesser Reincarnation (LR). This lets you change out stats, feats, skills, and spells as well as appearance, though not race or gender. Basically, you're still the same character, but get to rebuild from the ground up. It's a good chunk of points on the store, but it might be required for your Bard or Sorc to be effective.

An option for you Corwin is starting a new character. You have a spare slot, and while it won't be a WF Druid, since Druids won't be out this year I think it won't matter much. Plenty of time to buy another slot! For what it's worth, I think Dte and CM will be in the same boat, since both only have a single high level, and no one close to getting to that point.

Aerii is now 57,000 from 20, and can probably get that this week should I hit the high-end raids, and maybe farm the IQ series and Harbringer. I'm still debating Sorcerer Savant vs Wizard Pale Master on the next life. Rachail needs the full 190,000 for 20, so she'll be awhile. I don't know what I'll TR her into, as I don't have plans beyond a single arcane. Maybe I'll try a pure Fighter, or maybe Monk.
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