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May 9th, 2011, 09:02
Originally Posted by DoctorNarrative View Post
How important quick-saves are depends on how open the game is. I like checkpoints for linear games and quick-saves for open-world games. I would assume DX3 is like DX1 with several smaller areas that are open for exploration and deciding what you want to do and when, which tells me there should be quick-saves.
Yes, it may depend on the game how important quicksaves and limitless saves are but there is no reason whatsoever not to implement them in every game. What people tend to forget is that limited saves were not a design choice but a solution to the problem of very limited memory in older game consoles and computers. But since every hand held device has a nearly limitless amount of memory (and lets not even start with PCs) there is no reason not to have these options. I like to save. I like to play a game for five minutes and save. And so on.

And no, that has nothing to do with so called design choices by various designers. Movie directors also make their movies to be watched in one session and not in ten. And yet that's exactly what I can do. My BD player even has a memory chip so that I can interrupt a movie, turn the thing off and start watching again in three weeks and the same part of the movie I stopped.
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