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May 9th, 2011, 09:13
Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
Also, if I understand it correctly, Geralt is able to cast basic versions of each sign right from the start and thatīs good, the first game imo didnīt go well about this - by the time player was able to learn all the signs, he has most likely invested into the first two available (aard, igni) and since these were also the most useful ones, there was little incentive to invest into others.
I think for me, I didn't invest completely in the first two signs in the Witcher, precisely because I knew there would be more signs to choose from and didn't want to overly commit to a build too soon. I like the fact that builiding a character in this way invites replayability to test out and perhaps max out one or two different signs. I also prefer to take a direct roleplaying approach rather than focusing too much on practicality - you can find uses for all of the signs if you really try. Hopefully the sequel will similarly reward experimentation.

Ahh, I'm rather excited for this game. Fingers crossed it gives DA 2 a swift Geralt-styled kick to the RPG gonads.

However, it's a little frustrating to read about the intended censorship in our country again. The system is both antiquated and philosophically patronising at times.
The Risen situation was a good example. Hopefully I won't have to import just to receive an untainted and original boxed version!
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