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May 9th, 2011, 09:59
Originally Posted by Guhndahb View Post
I just like to have the choice. As I mentioned, I see no difference as far as realism between being able to pick what point in time I reload. Reloading from a checkpoint is just as "silly" as picking my own spot.

It makes little different difference because your management of infinite saves introduces little difference. Check point saves limit the opportunity of reloading, an achievement you perform alone as you limit yourself the number of times you reload.
Little difference.

From a developper's perspective, it is another story. One has to deal with another type of customers, players who want to exploit every feature in the game, to milk the best of any situation, think they are creative doing so and finally, if the developpers want the game to be played otherwise, they should not have introduced a feature allowing an exploit.

It changes all: a game with rolling dice levelling up system. Players who dont often reload do not use the reload system to get the optimal build to their character. They take the dice as it is casted.
Others reload everytime they level up until they get the best dice result.

The latter finds the game challenging, the former says it is a piece of cake. The developper says not to reload until getting the best dice result. The exploiters say that it is all the developper's fault, that the developper is responsible for their behaviour spoiling the challenge in the game, that they are creative, if the developper does not want the game to be played this way, then the developper should forbid it.

Conclusion: the developper restricts the access to the save opportunity. From his point of view, it makes little difference now.

Players who did not reload lose little reload capacity in terms of numbers. And exploiters are happy as they have a challenging game.

And a toggle option, infinite save/limited save/no save wont make a difference as it is only another feature to exploit.

This is basically how some players lost their freedom to save whenever they want, wherever they want.
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