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May 9th, 2011, 22:20
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I really am not a fan of this game's difficulty or combat structure.
What's the word? Sibylline? Perhaps you can elaborate?

Myself I'm not 100% satisfied with the fights. But I'm not 100% satisfied of the fights in the whole Avernum series, at least those I played. In Avadon I quoted some clear JRPG influence there wasn't in Avernum if I remember well. Ie boss or mid boss fights with tricks, and a large part of the fight is to find the trick or tricks and then the fight becomes quite more easy.

I prefer much more a more global tactical approach, but have a mix is quite cool, I'd say for boss fights the JRPG approach is used a bit too often for my taste. And from that point of view my first playthrough (I'm probably not far from the end) didn't made me discover that much tactical points. I'll be laugh for that, but I found quite more in DA2.

For sure in a game like Avadon there's an element quite major which is the ability to block enemies. Also there's a fairly good range of effects, and using special abilities/spells is an important element, and managing the cooldowns is a point too, and more. But overall, good tactical value, much better than all RPG without a party, but not that impressive. Possibly the party of three didn't help.

But to be clear about it, fights and tactics are just an element, and for me Avadon have some quite great parts, and a quite nice design diversity, Avernum series is quite pale in comparison for this point of view of diversity.

EDIT: Here an example which is for me a lack of tactical diversity, there's lacking stances like one defensive, and so on. There's lacking more blocking diversity like there's in DAO. Or I noticed some enemies have a two square range but I haven't found a single weapon that offer this, too bad for the tactical possibilities.

EDIT2: Here more missing possibilities for increasing tactical choices, I didn't noticed any beam effect. I didn't noticed any jump above possibilities, there's teleport that' it. I didn't notice any barrier/wall effects. And quite more, only looking at the deepest Roguelike would show the plenty of missing possibilities from a tactical point of view. Here a last one, bouncing effects.
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