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May 10th, 2011, 02:34
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
DDOWiki had an interesting melee-STR build for rogues that might fit the bill. They even had an option to build it as a dwarf. Since I've only run humans, it might be fun to try something different. Within that build, they also mentioned that it was a good build for class-splashing. They mentioned fighter (feats), ranger (TWF), and wizzy (mostly buff spells) as possibilities.

So, for now I'm looking at a melee-STR rogue with a wizzy splash, although he'd probably have to be human for the extra feat. Gotta do a lot more research.
A Wizard splash would be a waste. You'd get level 1-2 buffs at most, with up to 6 minute durations, assuming you burned a feat on Extend. Likewise for Bard; while Bards work well with a splash of Rogue (for evasion mostly), the reverse isn't true. In low levels, potions work just as well, and at higher levels, there's UMD or the friendly Sorcerer/FvS/Wizard/Cleric/Bard.

If you remember (or maybe it was before you joined in), I had a brief fling with a Dwarven Rogue, using two Dwarven Axes. That thing was powerful in damage output, while being able to fulfill the Rogue-duties of traps at least, though I took a Fighter level and probably wasn't quite as solid there as I could have been. Dwarves get bonuses to hit and damage using axes through their enhancements, and are pretty tough, offsetting the rogue's squishiness. The Fighter level gives you D Axe prof for free, as well as a feat. Two levels would leave you still able to take Assassin III at level 20, give you a couple of feats, and so forth.

Looks like our TR/lowbie group is shaping up a bit differently than our originals. Aerii on Sorc, Peters as a Favored soul, and Sherrille as a Bard. Of course, with me not going Cleric or FvS for another life on either Aerii or Rachail, it leaves Peters in the healer role, even with a bit of help from Sherrille. Mirys is gathering gear, and won't be TRing any time soon.

11 runs, and Maenya's Fists have not dropped. Grrr…
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