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May 10th, 2011, 20:14
Played this months ago, and it indeed is a solid oldschool RPG experience. However, you don't get to build a party so you'll always play with one guy/chick.

One of the fun things I remember was the Alchemy. There are so many ingredients, and a great deal of recipes, but the number of possible combinations is pretty staggering, iirc. That being said, you can either wait to get access to alchemists, who sell recipes, OR you could start experimenting yourself, since you don't actually need the recipes! I tried this a couple of times, and subsequently got couple of minor explosions as result, with some hitpoint loss… idk why but it's the cheap lulz like that that are most memorable.

Who knows, maybe someone out there manages to accidentally turn himself invisible, or gets a superb strength boost due to such experimentation. I find the sheer possibility of something like that happening highly amusing. The effects of potions are unknown by default, so you either have to drink them or possess the skill to identify them to learn their effects. Or have them identified by a merchant, iirc.

Again, do keep it in mind that I played the game months ago, so patches, or my memory might have affected things.
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