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May 10th, 2011, 23:20
I've TR'ed 2 characters and have now.

Level 2 Knight of the chalice TWF khopesh paladin (34pt TR build)
Level 2 evoker Favored Soul (34pt TR build.soon level 3)
Level 20 Radiant servant healbot cleric (32pt veteran build)
Level 20 Knight of the chalice TWF khopesh paladin (32pt veteran build)

I intend to play the paladin and favored soul in Korthos to get to at least level 3, maybe even level 4.

I propose that Tom, CM and Corwin consider getting a 32pt veteran build. That means you can catch up with Jo, Don and me.

I expect Don to get his wizard or sorcerer TR'ed next week. Jo has a bard already who will get to level 4 soon. I will have a favored soul and paladin. So we can actually finally meet up at approximately the same level and play on as a group with those. Don, Jo and I level up slower, but we play more so it evens up.

So I will not play my TR'ed toon beyond level 4 so we can all start at level 4. I propose Jo and Don do the same. Do you have the ability to make a 32pt veteran build, Cm, Corwin and Tom?

We can even play with some of the new guildies as well who want to join us each Friday night and other times too. Then we can split up in 2 groups as we did before.
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