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May 11th, 2011, 01:55
Book 2 borrowed too many story/plot elements from Book 1, it creates a strange feeling of déjà vu. Also Book 2 is dumbed down in a way because it lost the Hardcore Roguelike feeling Book 1 had in first parts. That point change a lot the mood of the beginning of Book 2 when compared to Book 1, Book 1 had a more intriguing and mystery mood in first parts. To compensate Book 2 added drink and food system. It's stuff I would have think pointless and even boring but in practice it works well during the beginning. but it's only during the beginning because later you could just learn spells to solve the problem and then make this design pointless. That's a quite strange design decision because anyway those food and drink elements was optional.

But the engine is better, there's a bit more elements, and the writing has improved even if it still a bit average. So after first parts, Book 2 grows in interest well.

In no way I'll skip Book 3 and I also have hope in that studio, I just hope they won't make some bad decisions making them close, nor they just give up for some reason. That would be great if for their next series they switch to Party TB RPG, mm and I just got a nice idea, why not have some companions?
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