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May 11th, 2011, 15:31
I already pre-ordered the game (on GOG ofc) because quite honestly i feel the game can't possibly disapoint to the point that i feel bad for the € 50 i spend.

In the worst case scenario, the game is linear and doesnt have as much of "choice and consequences" or those that are present are merely cosmetic, but even if that does pose true, i'm sure the rest of the game will be more than enjoyable to warrant the € 50 fee.

Besides, its a PC exclusive done by a non-gigantic developer and the game looks realy realy good, we should give it a chance.

About the preview, i havent read a single preview so far that let me think "hum, perhaps i should think twice…". All are very positive to the game. Some more "hardcore" RPG sites say one or two things they dont like at 100%, but generaly very very favorable.
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