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May 11th, 2011, 15:35
Corwin, the low levels are going to be either the one you TR once you get to level 20 or just start one new one at 4 with your vet status. I think the plan is everyone keeping one of their level 20's for raids and whatever. Since you and I both only have one (or you will soon) we both need a level 4 to run with the ones who are doing TR. We don't have to run the lowbies every week. But we do need them so we can do the game right and get the equipement we should have gotten. For me it will be building a char the right way. Maybe the second time around we can actually do some of the quests and areas we skipped, take our time and pick and choose. There are a few places I would like to go and few I would like to skip. lol
Bart and Corwin should just admit that when it gets down to it, I will have the final say.
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