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May 11th, 2011, 19:00
I think Jo, Don and I can easily get our TR'ed toons to level 6-7. Tom and CM can probably get there soon too if they start at level 4. We can play high level in the mean time on Friday nights and the low levels all other days until we catch up with Corwin.

Corwin, you probably can only support playing up one character with us when we play together so you can think of who you prefer to get up (bard, rogue or sorcerer). Spreading your play on all of them means you will probably be left behind again, only at a higher level.

It's a good thing we have some semi low level toons by CM and Tom because it will give us some variance with characters once we get to about level 6-7 with the TR'ed ones.

So I think we can manage what everyone wants. We still have a little time until Corwin, Tom and Don get their high level ones to 20. That gives us some time to work on the TR'ed ones a bit higher than the intended level 4.

Regardless of what we do I intend to let my TR'ed ones follow the upgrade speed of Jo, Don and other newly started veteran toons.
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