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May 11th, 2011, 22:17
Originally Posted by curious View Post
skyrim and witcher two different breeds of "hardcore" rpgs—sandbox/openworld versus leveled/map/tileset gameplay. both have their strenghts but i'm fairly certian the witcher 2 falls in the latter.

besides all that i'm stoked and thanks for the preview staff!
Actually, TW2 (unlike TW1) does not fall in the latter. TW2 uses a brand new new engine (REDengine) which looks and works more like Skyrim's Creation engine rather than TW1's Aurora engine. The tile-set based levels are gone and every chapter (TW2 has 3 chapters plus a prologue and an epilogue) in TW2 is a huge map without any levels. The reason behind separating the chapters is not technical, it's because of the way the story unfolds.
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