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May 12th, 2011, 08:00
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
Exceedingly so! Two Worlds 2 was pretty good but nowhere near…. oh wait… the capital T is supposed to be for "The"?? And other people are doing that, too! Are we supposed to call "The Elder Scrolls" TES? Oh… we do. Oh dear.

I think we're going to have to introduce case sensitivity to our abbreviations. TW2 and tW2. Anyone who fails to do so will be sent to sensitivity training.

Anyway….. very nice preview and very handy! Sounds like the mini-games aren't impressing with quicktime events but the original game's mini-games were pretty weak, too, so I guess that's no loss.
Capitalising words like 'the' and 'at' when they are part of a title is not wrong. In particular the first word of a title will always be capitalised. TW2 is a perfectly correct acronym for The Witcher 2 - in fact it's the only acronym that would make sense. Also, Two Worlds 2 came out in 2010, so your faux confusion doesn't even make sense.
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