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May 12th, 2011, 13:14
I didn't share the same experience in the game while played Over The Shoulder, and I guess that's one question I never asked GothicGothicness; did you play OTS or top down or did you find that it did not matter?
I didn't know you could play top-down? how to do that? Well, I guess it was just a bug or flaw, that's why opinions differ so much. I have described in the other thread a tactic which works in at least 99 % of the fights… to win, without using any skills or such a things.

On combat, I'm not sure what you'd like to know - any specific questions?
Yes, I think you mentioned block, roll, light hit, heavy hit? and targeting? Also that you could get a skills to attack from a far like throwing daggers? how does that work? Also there is a free-form mode and a targeting mode? in the free-form one you could hit anything your sword/throwing daggers collides with? Can you jump in the combat? what happens if you try to run-away from enemies? What does it cost to use skills? does hp, mana etc auto-regenerate very fast?

If there are beasts and humans do you need to keep switching between normal swords and silver swords in the battle? What kind of things can you equip? sword, armour ? anything else?
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