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May 12th, 2011, 18:36
Warband was all about multiplayer, warkwark, the rest was just tweaks. WF&S is made by another studio (Sich) and not the main TaleWorlds studio.

Still, I agree with most reviews. I'm playing it and it is unimpressive so far.

Originally Posted by curious View Post
their are bar fights and deuls which while smaller replace the arena
not sure what they mean about training but their is the option to do training, i can't recall how or where as i didn't do it but it might have been at the different mercenary camps which you can actually train your companions for a hefty sum and time in different skills. if i recall the hands-on troop training was simply the tutorial in warband? why would you need another tutorial? bottom of any wishlist i would have
You can train troops in training camps in Warband and basic M&B. It was a neat feature.

Also the review mentions everything you said. Instead of responding to the tidbit in the newspost, do read the review before commenting.
The closest thing to Warband's tense and lucrative arena scraps are squalid pub-car-park fist fights. Most taverns in With Fire & Sword seem to boast a drunk willing to hazard a few coins on a bare-knuckle bout. Accept and you're whisked outside into an empty yard or street for a few minutes of grunty lunging. If these sessions involved a ring of baying locals or occasionally degenerated into mass brawls, they might have been more appealing. As it is, they're pretty tiresome.
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