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May 12th, 2011, 18:48
Those of us going the mothball route will have to keep in mind that we'll be levelling much faster than the TRs, running the same stuff. That will complicate matters. It will basically take 1.5 "mothball toons" to match the snail pace advancement of the TRs (it's 1.5x the XP per level, right?). For example, if I ran my new rogue for 22k XP, he'd be level 7; the TRs would still be level 5. I'll have to mix in a few runs with Bot to keep the levels close.

Corwin will be in a bind for several weeks. He won't be able to run with the lowbies/TRs until they get to level 7 minimum (to work with his level 9s). That's going to be a while, probably including more than one Friday session. I'm not sure how we get around that. Even if we 5-man it during the week (Corwin does seem to have the least play time of us, so that 5-man has better odds than it might have, but I doubt Peter can do it), you're probably still looking at a Friday session or two before he can join in.
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