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May 12th, 2011, 23:04
Even when taking these previews with a grain of sand, with some exceptions the game sounds more and more promising.
I especially like the sound of dialogue system, grid based inventory and big hubs.

However, this
Originally Posted by Games On Net
I also can’t finish up this preview without mentioning that during my time playing Human Revolution, I spotted an advertisement for McDonald’s Chicken McBites plastered across an overpass in the future city of Detroit. It was the Australian advertisement and everything, with Shane Warne’s face hidden behind a packet of chickeny goods, and labelled with the Australian price. When I went back again to take a screenshot, it had changed to an advertisement for Adidas sports instead, indicating that whatever server was up and running delivering these ads was already working quite well. We’ve contact the Australian distributors, Namco Bandai, for further clarification on how these in-game ads will work, and will let you know once we receive a response.
sounds pretty bad.

Hopefully itīll be simple to firewall these out, but I really dislike this "feature" regardless.
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