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May 13th, 2011, 07:02
Dungeons of Dredmor does look great and thank you for reminding me about Incursion. I downloaded that one a looonnnggg time ago. I fired it up one day to just see what it was about and was assaulted with a wall of words. Not that is a bad thing mind you, but the learning curve on that one was a little too steep for me at the time. I was still getting used to these funky controls you use for roguelikes and ADOM had me in its grips. I meant to go back to it one day and sit down to figure out the game, but I had forgotten all about it by then (I'm the kind of person who would forget their head somewhere if it wasn't already attatched)

In any case I'm looking forward to Dungeons of Dredmore more and more. All the info they've posted makes me think that this is one roguelike that will get a ton of my time. Although I haven't played it yet, but it seems to me that it is the 'Quest for Glory' of roguelikes. In that I mean they've put a humorous spin on the whole game.

I'm saving Dungeons of Dredomore for my last article. Hopefully by then I'll have played it enough to know more about the game and won't have to do too much research through their blogs.
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