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May 14th, 2011, 00:06

No map, other than the one you can buy of the town, which takes a long time to even open up. I understand the "cool hardcore" aspect of this, but it makes it a chore to play, especially if you can't devote several hours to it at a time.

The combat is so wildly varying. Sometimes I will get one-hit killed by a bandit. Other times they barely scratch me… the same bandits in a reload. It just feels all over the place.

Vague quest journal entries. "XYZ wants you to do this" with not even a basic description of where or who XYZ is. I don't need map markers showing EVERYTHING, but some general info would help. "XYZ in the marketplace…" would be extremely helpful. Again, the whole thing is geared for someone to obsessively play for long stretches at a time, memorizing the names of the locals and where they are.

Some stuff is good. But I think this simply requires too much commitment. It's a shame, because even a little bit more info on things would have made it extremely compelling. I'm just getting frustrated, not by difficulty, but by the vagueness of it all.
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