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May 16th, 2011, 07:47
Well I took out the sound card and it still stuttered.

so I thought the last thing I haven't checked ram. yanked out 6 of the 12 gb and bam no stutter. I guess the witcher either doesn't like 12 gb or doesn't like having all 6 mem slots full either way i'll finish it so I have my save for the witcher 2 then put the rest of the mem back in.

Now…. the witcher 2 comes out in 1 day and i'm half way through the game so……OH CRAP!

Now taking bets on whether or not I finish the witcher 1 before I crack open witcher 2 . I don't like my odds.

Anyway thanks for the help and I hope this helps anyone else who might have this problem, although i'm betting i'm a couple years late.

Why didn't I just save my first save from years ago.
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